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About Me

I have worked for over twenty years in customer service in both corporate and government.

Providing excellent customer service is one of my passions.

I have also been the Occupational safety and Health representative for a number of companies.

My experience with organising goes back to helping organise wedding catering for our local church. I was responsible for taking bookings, organising food and helpers, setting up the venue and co-ordinating the team.
From there I ran football canteens and organised social function for sporting clubs.

I have four adult children and while they were still in primary school I managed to work full time, run the football canteen including purchasing all the food and setting up the canteen in a temporary shed while the new clubrooms were being built. I also was a member of the P & C and the state council representative for the West Australian Council of State School Organisations (WACSSO).

So I know I can manage my time well and will be able to assist you with your goals for getting your home, that of a deceased loved one or your workplace organised.
Sandra Molloy

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